Project Mercury

Project Mercury is designed to increase public confidence in Essex Police and Partners. At the same time as reducing crime over the long term particularly with respect of Dwelling Burglary by educating the public in basic crime prevention.


During the early hours of the 29th October 2017 the clocks will go back. History tells us that you are more likely to become the victim of certain crimes after the clocks go back than before.

Some of these crimes and in particular Dwelling Burglary are to a point preventable by the residents themselves.

Project Mercury will be designed to coordinate a significant resource – police, partnership and 3rd sector on two dates. Saturday 21st October 2017 and Saturday 28th October (week before and day before the clocks go back).

This coordinated and focussed resource will speak to thousands of members of the public in person, in the street, in shops and on their doorsteps. Partners will join together with shared messages of successes in community

safety, and crime prevention tips. It will be done in such dramatic scale to attract attention to our messages so as to create a “nudge” effect.

I envisage Chief Officers, Command Teams, CPT’s, Specials, Volunteers, Partners, and Charities all joining together right across the county in a way never seen before.

There will be three aspects to the plan:

  • 10 different hubs of activity (one hub in each District across Essex) in public led by Community Policing Teams with support of their CSP. This is anticipated to be local stands in high footfall areas such as supermarkets or town centres
  • Door knocking by officers, volunteers, partners and 3rd Sector providing crime prevention advice and reassurance messages. This would be targeted in each district based on confidence and crime data to ensure we are maximising our impact.
  • Pro-active crime operation, breaking down doors and taking the fight to the criminal. Focussing on high victim harm property based crimes.