Village Hall Questionnaire

The village hall is entering a very exciting and controversial period. The old annexe building next to the hall has to be removed by the end of 2020; we were so lucky to get the use for a further 5 years.

As a committee we are now building up an improvements fund for the hall, money which will be ring-fenced for definite new features such as new chairs, curtains, drains and roof refurbishment to name a few.

We are also raising funds for a possible replacement building for the existing annexe, to include a second small hall, more storage and possibly accommodation for the History Society archives.

We are concerned that we don’t build a white elephant at vast cost. We are mainly dependant at present on our main loyal users providing about 50% of our income. We hope and count on the preschool, the dance school and CEDS continuing for the foreseeable future but realise that we are planning for 4 years in the future.
We need your help and advice as to how we should proceed, what could be incorporated into any improvements and even if you think we need and merit as a village such a development.

We hope to hold an Open evening in the village hall for discussion of ideas and plans on October 26th October at 7.30.

Please complete the enclosed questionnaire, it would be so helpful.